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EtsyMetal Blog Carnival: Samson the Great!

A new month brings a new EtsyMetal Blog Carnival post.

This month's EtsyMetal Blog Carnival topic:
Please share your pets with us! Pictures, stories, new pets, old pets, dogs, cats, ants, anything that has ever lived in your house that wasn't human, be they friend or foe!

If I was to blog about all of the pets that have been a part of my life we would be here until next year, November. I don't think any of us want to spend THAT much time reading about my pets, do we?

Much to my Mother's (and husband's) chagrin I am a animal lover through and through. I think I got it from my Dad. We are both a bit animal crazy.

So I am going to narrow it down to the here and now. For the most part anyway...

I can't write this post without showcasing history's number one dog. Ever.
That pup there is Wrangler. That dorky girl. Yup, you guessed it. Me. That was the day we brought Wrangler home.
My Dad and I adopted him from the pound when I was in 6th grade. He was the first dog that was MINE. And he was the BEST dog IN THE WORLD. My Mom put up with him, due to how awesome he was. Wrangler was a part of my life until I was 18. Putting him to sleep is still on the top of my "hardest days of my life" list.

Okay, moving ahead to present day and the love of my dog life: Samson.

Samson is a Boston Terror. I mean, Boston Terrier. After a life of having BIG dogs, Paul and I decided that maybe, just maybe we would try a small dog this go 'round. After spending some time with a Boston Terrier one day at Paul's office picnic, we decided THAT would be the next breed we would welcome into our home. When my brother caught wind of the fact we were considering a BT he said to me... "a terrier? Are you sure you want a terrier?" Pashaw! Of COURSE! What does HE know? Boston Terriers are the GREATEST DOG IN THE WORLD, don't you know?? We spent a WHOLE day with one. We KNOW what we are talking about...

Obviously he KNEW what he was talking about. Terriers are just another word for Terrors. But we LOVE this Terror:

I don't have many good pictures of Samson in action. He is really hard to photograph except when he is sleeping. Because he moves around too much to get shots that aren't blurry. So I have a lot of good pictures of him sleeping...

But we do have an overload of videos of him. Here are two of my faves:

The beginning of this one is a little stomach churning due to the Blair Witch style camera handling ... but the under-the-cabinet dive near the end makes it worth it (well, at least I think so).

Paul is trying to get Samson's leash on so he can take him outside. Sammy wants NOTHING to do with it...

He does NOT like going to bed:

He is quite a handful. His personality is larger than life. He isn't your typical Boston Terrier. He weighs in at nearly 30 pounds. That is about 10 pounds over a typical BT. His ears insist on bending over at the tips. They should stand straight up. But. Samson has NEVER been one to play by the rules. EVER.

We here at the Clark household are pretty smitten with him. Even Paul, who has forever and always put up with my love affair of animals. He knew going into it how I was (that is what I tell him whenever we see a "free kitten" sign...). Gotta love him. He has put up with a lot of animals in our 20 plus years.

We will wrap this up today with a few gratuitous puppy shots:

(notice a particular cat's laser eyes trying to scorch a certain puppy right out of existence?)

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