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cruising for sympathy

My studio has been empty for the last week. My presence has been required in the living room (and sometimes the bedroom) tending to my sick mate. Apparently a N.A.S.T.Y. cough virus has been sweeping around our county taking victims as bedfellows and knocking them to their knees. Paul started off with the cough over two weeks ago. During past two weeks he has passed out twice from lack of oxygen to his brain, suffered two (possibly three) fractured ribs from the severe coughing and experienced a midnight run to the ER (amazingly we were in and out in less than two hours). He missed over 4 days of work and suffered the constant hovering/mothering by me, incessantly asking "are you okay"..."breathe!"..."take this...take that"...etc.

It goes without saying that January 2008 has really sucked so far. I am trying to wait out all of this bad crap with the hopes that the good must be just around the corner.

I really need/want to get back into my studio and work. I have multiple custom orders that need my attention. I also need to lose myself in something creative. The stress of tending to someone who is so sick is overwhelming.

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