Sunday, March 03, 2013

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival: I am here.

The beginning of March 2013 means a new EtsyMetal Blog Carnival post.

This month's EtsyMetal Blog Carnival topic:
Where do you live?
Physically, mentally, emotionally...
City, state, country; house, apartment, farm; orderly, chaotic, on the edge...
Give us a picture of who you are by showing and telling us where you live, how your surroundings may inspire you...

I currently call Olympia, Washington home.

It feels like a good fit for my artistic heart and bohemian gypsy spirit. It is a little city with a lot of urban energy. Full of art, hipsters, wannabes and wanderlust. With Evergreen State College several miles from the historic downtown core, it is not uncommon to see a few barefoot tree huggers moving about on my AM drive to my studio. Latte' cup in hand, messy bed-head bent down to keep the rain out of bleary, up-too-late-cramming eyes.
Prayer flags fly anywhere here.

One moment I can be in downtown Oly driving by a bustling Darby's cafe and the next moment I can be on the banks of the Deschutes river watching the water cascade down toward the old Olympia brewery.
I love my little art mecca. I live here. I create art here.
I grow here.
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