Tuesday, August 28, 2012

it has been a while...

Hi All, The building where I rent my studio in downtown Olympia has one space available for immediate occupancy. Dimensions are 12'+ x 15'+. Rent is $320.00/month. If you would like more info or the owner's contact info email me at silentgoddess.etsy (at) gmail dot com :) Please see the pictures below for an idea of the building's look and feel :)

Been a very busy summer for me. Made a big move to Olympia WA to do away with Paul's 2 hour commute. That meant putting our house we still own up for rent in Port Orchard, finding a house for us to rent in Olympia AND finding a studio space for me to work and teach out of. Luckily I LOVE change so I have been able to enjoy the ride and take all of the upheaval in stride.

I have been in my studio now for about a month. Sure didn't take much time to settle in and ask myself why I didn't do this sooner! Well, I know why I didn't... studio space was non-existant in Port Orchard (and the surrounding areas). Olympia is a quite a little artist mecca. So I was pretty certain I would be able to find somewhere that would work for me and Silentgoddess Art Jewelry. Granted studio space wasn't waiting to be found on every street corner but luckily a few months before the move I had been in contact with a guy who was advertising space for lease on Craigslist (let me count the ways I LOVE Craigslist!). I looked him up once we got moved into Oly and lo and behold, he still had some vacant spaces.

Didn't take me much time to fall in love with the largest space he had available. It is actually two spaces with a great big walk thru doorway. One space for my bench and one space for teaching. A perfect fit!

Here is the new home of Silentgoddess Art Jewelry:

Looking into my work space from the entrance. Doesn't that old brick just scream "art studio" to you?
Looking toward the classroom entrance.
Classroom space. I took the photo at a bit of a funny angle so it looks smaller than it actually is. Granted, the space isn't ginormous but it will work for classes up to 4 people. And that is the max amount I would want to be instructing at one time. Works for me!
Each entrance off of the main hall has transom windows above the doors. I love a building with character!

And here is what the main space looks like right after I moved the majority of my stuff in. Yes, I have a rug under my bench. Practical? Perhaps not but I don't like dropping things and creating a bunch of noise for the tenants below me (a children's theater). Honestly, when I had my studio in my house, I had a rug under my chair to protect the carpet (YES... I KNOW... CARPET) below. We do what we gotta do (or want to do, in my case ;).

Next big step is getting a "real" torch set up. I plan on having a soldering station off to right of my bench by the window. I am still trying to decide what torch set up to get. I am leaning toward the Smith acetylene jeweler's torch. Would love to have input from other torch users. Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

If you are in the Olympia area and are interested in my upcoming classes, contact me via laney (at) silentgoddess (dot) com or thru Etsy. I will get you hooked up with my class schedule. If you have something you want to learn, drop me a line. I am working on what classes to offer and would love your input!

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