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EtsyMetal Blog Carnival: My Jewelry Box

This month's EtsyMetal Blog Carnival topic:

My Jewelry Box

Well, here we are already at the start of three months into the new year. It's been a while since I blogged. A long while. Thought with this month's Blog Carnival topic I would jump back in and share some of my "heirlooms" if you will. None of them are worth millions (or more than hundreds...) of dollars. But all of them are near and dear to my heart. And to be completely honest, I don't wear any of them. Well, maybe except for the lab alexandrite ring my husband gave me. But even that just isn't really in my style so I don't wear it much. But I keep it close and enjoy the meaning behind it. So without any further ado:
Carved Alaskan Native bracelet
Not sure what it is made from. Possibly walrus ivory. Possibly bone. Just not sure. It is marked with: Xa (or Ya?) Okpowruk, Shishmaref AK. My Mother-in-law gave it to me after her Mother had passed away. I love it. Never would wear it, for fear it would get ruined. But I love to look at the little carved huskies, musher and sled.

Next up is a tiny gold cross that was my Grandmother Theodore's. This one I keep purely for sentimental reasons. I am not Christian so the cross really has no meaning to me. However, it, along with the tiny porcelain box I keep it in, was my grandma's. I loved her so and still, occasionally, dream about her. In these dreams, I always say, "Where have you been? I haven't seen you in such a long time..." and then I wake up. She always looks young and stylish in the dreams. She was such a beautiful dresser. She loved shoes and would buy a new pair for any occasion. And if they were on sale, she might buy two pair and perhaps a blouse to match. I am guessing since I am writing about her now, I will dream about her soon. I hope I do.

The white gold ring with a lab created alexandrite was given to me by Paul, my partner in crime. I think it was for an anniversary (terrible I don't remember, no? It's okay, we have been married over 20 plus years, I can't keep everything straight ;) When photographing this today, in the light box the stone was a deep, teal green. When the camera snapped the picture the stone shows up purple. One of the reasons I love this ring is the chameleon nature of this stone. Pictures here do no justice. Just believe me, it is a pretty stone. Dirty as of this writing, but pretty. Matches my perpetually dirty fingernails. Comes with the job.

Last but the very farthest from least is my little relic antique greek key ring. My Mom bought this from a lady who would travel the world in search of treasures. Her name was Julia. Unfortunately her last name escapes me. She was a "personal shopper" and I have really no idea when or where my Mom met her. All I really remember is my Mom would call on her occasionally and bring home amazing little treasures. This is one of the things she bought for me when I was a very young girl (tomboy). I wore it non-stop, every day for years. I wore it so much it actually broke and I had to fix it carefully (nearly melted it so I gave up trying for a perfect fix) years down the line. I don't wear it anymore. I just keep it along with my other "treasures" and pull them all out on occasion and remember their stories.

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