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EtsyMetal Blog Carnival: Why Do You Make Jewelry?

A new month brings a new EtsyMetal Blog Carnival post.

This month's EtsyMetal Blog Carnival topic:
Why Do You Make Jewelry?

Think hard! Dig deep.

One would think this would be a no brainer for me to answer. And actually, it is.

I make jewelry because I want to.

Simple enough, right? Yeah, maybe too simple.

Perhaps the question should be "Why do you WANT to make jewelry?" Sure, we are going to go with that.

Let's go back about 20 years, plus or minus a year. My Mom was a dedicated member of an art group in Las Vegas, NV, called the Desert Sculptors and she was also the director of a local art museum as well. She met lots of really creative folks. To this day, even 1000's of miles away from the SW desert, she still calls several of those people great friends. And for good reasons. One of those reasons being, they let nothing get in the way of their creativity. It is people like that, who artist types like me, really want in their corner. Driven creative types help drive others to get and to stay creative.

One of these creative types is a man by the name of Don Trippy. He is a sculptor, a painter, an artist in every sense of the word. One of the things he did way back when was create a foundry for doing bronze pours in Lorenzi Park in North Las Vegas. He set everything up in the bottom of a long empty public swimming pool. The deep concrete walls of the empty pool would contain any "spills" as well as protect anyone nearby from the heat of the 1000+ degree foundry heat. Paul and I along with my Mom went to watch one of his first bronze pours. With Don all geared up a HUGE silver asbestos suit and a large flame throwing torch, he melted the bronze in a large, black graphite crucible. We all sat in rapt by the fire and the glowing bronze melting beneath the heat of that torch. Once the metal was ready to pour, the crucible was lifted and the molten metal was poured to the awaiting sculpture mold. Hot, fiery liquid bronze splashed and sizzled. There was lots of steam and so much heat. But I sat there watching that metal flow thinking it looked like hot pink lemonade and I was HOOKED. I could not stop talking about that molten bronze and how I wanted to be able touch it. Play with it. Create with it.

Several months ago, my Mom got in touch with Don after several years of little communication which brought him the the forefront of one of our conversations one afternoon. During this talk it dawned on me that it was Don Trippy who told me about the beginning jewelry class being offered through the City of LV Parks and Rec department. I realized at that moment that I really owe him a debt of gratitude for that bit of creative direction. For that night, when I first walked into that classroom I knew that I had found what I wanted to do with my life.

And here I am, 20 plus (or minus) years later. Creating small works of art in copper and silver. And sometimes gold. Each piece I create I pour a bit of my soul into. No matter if it is a simple silver band or a graceful copper flower blossom. That first cut with my saw or the last buff with the polishing cloth. It all started for me, back then, in the bottom of an abandoned swimming pool one sunny Vegas day.

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