Tuesday, May 29, 2012

cheesecake escape

Sometimes the long three day weekends end up causing a tough Tuesday after the fact.
On days like that, I tend to get a good case of the munchies. Luckily when doing the weekly shopping the night before a new week, I tend to avoid buying a bunch of junk food because I know exactly how I am going to be wanting to eat a bunch of crap food come Monday (or in this case, Tuesday) morning.
I did, however, buy myself a box of cinnamon graham crackers last night. Not the *best* food, but far better than other choices I could have made. I was in a particularly munchie mood this morning and had a AH-HA moment when I thought about the leftover whipped cream cheese I had in the fridge with no bagels in sight to use it up on. I thought how perfect would it be to create a little mini faux cheesecake delight. And that is EXACTLY what I did.

Cheesecake Escape

2 graham cracker sheets, split in half (gives you four squares)

2-3 tablespoons whipped cream cheese

Baker's or regular sugar

Smear cream cheese onto each graham square. Sprinkle with sugar (as little or as much as your heart desires) and ENJOY.

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