Thursday, August 04, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 1

Come As you Are:

Waif pendant

I confess. I have never watched Project Runway. I do now. After just one episode I am hooked.

Here was our challenge (written by Nina Dinoff)
The Project Runway Challenge:
The designers had to use the clothes they slept in the night before plus one of their bedsheets to create a new look. They also had access to dye and trimmings.

For our EtsyMetal Translation:
Since this challenge was all about using what you have in an unexpected way, and since most of us don’t sleep in jewelry, the challenge this week is to make something only from material that is sitting on your bench! If you don’t have a bench or access to your studio, then choose another area like your desk. Since the designers got a sheet, we get some sheet metal. You are welcome to use enhancements like stones from your supplies. But the final piece should be made of a majority of your found pieces if possible. Ok now, make it work!


My Waif pendant was constructed solely of bits and scraps that were on top of my bench (not even in my metal scraps bags!!) and the design pretty much took care of itself. I had really elaborate plans using copper strips, sterling silver strips, gemstones etc. But after I passed a 18gauge sterling silver scrap thru the rolling mill, I knew exactly what I was meant to do. The scrap came out looking like a long, flowing, waif thin simple dress form. All I added was a scrap silver "belt" and "spaghetti shoulder strap" and my Waif pendant was complete.

Can't WAIT for this week's episode tonight!

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